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Wax That! is a specialty waxing salon located in Austin’s South Congress District. Offering a complete menu of waxing services for men and women, we pride ourselves on technique, quality and efficiency. Our team of experienced professionals, works precisely and swiftly to design your perfect brow and skillfully to deliver your Brazilian wax within 15-minutes. We understand that waxing is a personal experience. Utilizing Italian, cream based, strip wax, we ensure the smoothest results with minimal pain and irritation. You will leave Wax That! feeling calm, refreshed and confident!


Lorie Young, Owner

An Austinite for over a decade, Lorie left a successful career in tech to follow her dream of becoming an esthetician. She opened Wax That! in 2010 in order to create an inviting atmosphere where she could help people with their specific waxing needs. Lorie aims to build confidence and empower men and women through waxing services. Lorie has specialized in efficiently quick waxing services since 2005. She practices a highly technical style in her designing of brows as well as providing expert Brazilian services.


Below are a list of our most common services. Contact us with any questions you might have, or you can book online now by clicking the Book Now button. Please read our Cancellation Policy before booking.

Have questions about these services? Be sure to read our FAQ page.

Ladies Waxing


Brow Design $20

Brow & Lip  $25

Lip , Chin or
Sideburns $10

Full Face $40



Brazilian $59

French Bikini $55

Extended Bikini $45

Standard Bikini $35

Buttocks: In-between $15

Buttocks: Full $25



Underarm $18

Half Leg $40

Full Leg $75

Half Arm $35

Full Arm $50

Low Back $15


Gentlemen’s Waxing


Brow $20

Ear $15

Nose $10

Neck $15



Brief Line $45

Manzilian $90

Australian $85

Buttocks : In-between $20

Buttocks : Full $35



Back $50

Chest & Stomach $45

Shoulder & Sleeve $15

Underarm $18

Full Arm $50

Half Arm $40

Full Leg $90

Half Leg $45

Other Services

Brow Tint $15
Lash Tint $20
Vajazzle $20


* Combination pricing available, please inquire when booking.


10% off your first single service.
Refer a friend and receive $5 credit towards your next service.




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What kind of wax do you use?

We use an Italian, cream based, strip wax. Strip wax is superior to hard wax for its ability to remove short and fine hairs. The Titanium Dioxide base of this sensitive wax prevents unnecessary pulling or irritation to the skin.


 Does waxing hurt?

While waxing has yet to be described as pleasant, clients often note that the process is much less painful than they anticipated. Our experienced estheticians are there to make sure your treatment is as quick and painless as possible. Treatments also become less painful with continued waxing as hair generally grows back thinner each time. We recommend returning every 5 weeks.


 How do I prepare for my wax?

It is best to stop shaving two weeks before most treatments. Generally hair should be ½” to 1” in length, or approximately the length of a grain of rice.


Gentle exfoliating and moisturizing skin as you grow out your hair has
been noted to reduce the post shave itch factor.


Taking Ibuprofen or Advil 30-45 minutes prior to your service can also help reduce pain and potential inflammation after your wax. Some patients utilize topical numbing creams; if you choose to use these, please follow the directions and remove all excess product before your treatment. Additionally, taking a warm shower before your treatment softens the skin making hair removal easier.

Please wear loose, breathable clothes to your appointment and relax! Tense muscles can make the area more sensitive.


 How do I take care of my waxed area?

The evening after your treatment, apply aloe gel or cortisone gel to the area. If the area is sore or achy, take Ibuprofen or Advil. After 48 hours you may exfoliate the area and use a cleanser with salicylic acid (BHA) to help prevent ingrown hairs. If the waxed skin will be exposed to the sun, use sunscreen as the area is more susceptible to sunburn.



Do not exercise for 24 hours after treatment.
Do not swim, sauna, steam, tan or spray tan within 48 hours of treatment, as skin is more sensitive than normal.
Do not use an ice compress, this promotes a trauma to the skin and may result in discoloration of the skin.
Do not use lotions.
Do not engage in sexual activity for 48 hours (Bikini & Brazilian clients). This causes friction and can irritate the skin further.
Do not exfoliate immediately after your wax. Wait 48 hours unless instructed otherwise by your esthetician.
Do not use perfume, dyes or harsh chemicals on the skin.
Do not pick at any ingrown hairs. Your esthetician can offer aftercare advice and/or extractions during your next visit.


 How do I prevent ingrown hairs?

Exfoliating 48 hours after your treatment is the best way to avoid bumps and ingrown hairs post-wax. A gentle exfoliation scrub sloughs off dead, dry skin cells allowing the new hairs to naturally grow and not get caught beneath the skin.

Sometimes ingrown hairs are not appeased by simple exfoliation; rather they need a topical product to help clean out the pores. Most cleansers with 2% salicylic acid are a great option to use after exfoliation.

We have a variety of solutions depending on the type of ingrown issues you may have. Speak with your esthetician to learn the best course of action for you particular issue.


 Can men get waxed?

Manscaping can help men look and feel their best. Our male grooming services provide long lasting results for the modern man. We offer full body services from brows and chests to legs and everything in between.


 Why are Brows Important?

Your brows frame your face. Everyone who sees you, sees your brows. If they are too thin, too thick, uneven, or untamed, chances are it’s dampening your look. A proper Brow Design (ladies) or a Brow Wax (gentlemen) can help you achieve a polished and bright-eyed look.

Ladies: For those who fear the thin, half-circle brow, don’t fret; we are professionals! Your aesthetician will customize your brows to your unique face shape and bone structure. We can enhance your arch to help open your eyes up for that “instant eye-lift” effect. We’ll also provide instruction on how and where to grow in your brows to achieve the perfect look. Every brow design is finished off with Rae Cosmetics brow powder to enhance your perfect brow.

*If you prefer to have a more natural look without an arch, your esthetician can accommodate any reasonable request.

Gentlemen: We’ll follow your lead in terms of your brow preference. If you’d like to keep a manly brow but need grooming, we can do that. If you desire a subtle arch, we can do that too. Or, for the adventurous, we can do a full arch as well. Please consult your esthetician as to your particular preference.


 What is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian Wax is the removal of hair from the bikini area: front, center & back. Some clients prefer to have everything taken off, while others choose to leave a shape, such as a triangle or strip, in the front. Your wax is customizable and your esthetician can remove as much or as little as you like.


 What is a French Bikini?

This bikini style removes hair from the inner thighs, along the bikini line and the back half of the labia as well as in between the buttocks. When standing, this wax style gives the appearance of a well-kept, natural look.


 What is the difference between a Standard & Extended Bikini?

A Standard Bikini, removes hair along the inside thigh and along the crease of the thigh.

The Extended Bikini begins with the Standard but takes it one step further with the finished line further towards the center of the body. The end result is a smaller, tidy area of hair.


 What is Vajazzling?

Pioneered by Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2010, Vajazzling is the application of Swarovski crystals to bare skin on the front of the pelvic area. Vajazzling is completely painless and itch-free to wear.


 How do I care for my Vajazzle?

It’s easy! Be delicate with the area and use a gentle cleanser. Try not to wear extremely tight clothing since friction can move the crystals. You should also avoid using any oils or heavy creams in the area since this can breakdown the adhesive. Vajazzles last between 3-8 days depending on how the area is cared for. You may remove the crystals at anytime with a tissue or reapply the crystals with eyelash glue.


 What is a Brief Line?

The Brief Line waxing service removes unwanted hair along the fold of the upper thigh and brief line.


 What is the difference between the Manzilian & Australian?

A Manzilian removes all of the hair above and around the shaft & pelvic area, as well as the scrotum and in between the buttocks. Upon request, we can remove the hair along the crease of the brief line as well. Your wax is customizable and if you would like to keep some hair (a landing strip) in front of the pelvic area, just tell your esthetician.

The Australian only removes hair from the scrotum and in-between the buttocks. Leaving the hair above the shaft and along the brief line. This results in a very natural look with a “down under” clean & comfortable feel.



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